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heyitsnique: tell me what you think is going on in the leftovers im so confused! lol. But the funny thing is i dont even think theres anything to explain really (besides the people disappearing obviously), but in that first episode they said its just how people are dealing with it. trying to make sense out of things that dont make sense.... must wait till next week to be even more confused. On the bright side its not as crazy and confusing as Lost was. lol

lol, I just really wish like it explained things better instead of introducing all these new characters and their stories as well because I’m still stuck on what’s going on with everyone else. and for the previews for next week, I still was like wtf is going on hahah

  -  28 July
I wish I could be more.
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I hope they ask about me & I hope you tell them you fucked up.
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those cigarettes touched your lips more than I ever did.
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